Culture Connections aflyer featuring the exterior of Hotel Haya


Oct 06 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Culture Connections

Hosted at Hotel Haya

A few weeks ago we announced our newest collaboration with MergeCulture Gallery. (In case you missed it: our Private Dining Room has transformed into an art gallery, where local, regional and international artists will be featured on a rotating basis. Pretty cool, we know).

We’re excited to debut “Six” – A Survey of paintings by artist Jay Giroux as our first exhibition. This small survey of paintings was created from 2014-2020 and exemplifies Giroux’s exploration of incidental gestures and lowbrow symbolism culled from the urban streetscape (Ybor City is a favorite). Jay’s work will be on display through Dec. 31.

We’re even more excited to announce Culture Connections: a monthly celebration and moderated lecture series about the web of contributions that exist in the Tampa Bay Arts Community. These conversations will include the trailblazers in our community who help to make our city a beautiful place.

This monthly celebration of all things creative in Tampa, will include conversations that revolve around the social identity of our geographic area and how the art community as a whole (collectors, curators, institutions, researchers, architects, etc.) help shape the place we call home.

Join us for the inaugural event! All the details are below:

We’ll kick off a discussion featuring Margaret Miller, the director of the IRA, one of the worlds’ top institutions in art research, and USF GRAPHICSTUDIO a studio of innovative collaboration with international artists. Margaret’s discussion will revolve around the scope and impact and inspiration of the artist Theo Wujick, who has work on display at the Hotel.

We will be exploring the connections between art and the cultural identity of Ybor City and the Tampa Bay Area as a whole, and how this conversation is contributing to the evolution of new art movements, particularly how the work of Theo inspired Jay Giroux inspired each other through a close friendship. We will explore the ways that USF GRAPHICSTUDIO collaborates with international artists, and how new collectors can benefit from learning about these cultural connections.

We will also dive into the history the not so recent history of the building that is now Hotel Haya, and how both Jay and Theo Wujick contributed to the profound culture that radiates from this epicenter of Ybor City.

The lecture will be moderated by Tony Krol of Mergeculture Gallery.

(Masks are encouraged indoors)

What to expect:

  • Welcome champagne and lite bites
  • View Jay Giroux’s “Six” in the Private Dinging Room
  • Interactive discussion featuring Margaret Miller, Jay Giroux, Tony Krol and more
  • Live entertainment ft. Katara Trio